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Mountain Air is the leading supplier of carbon dioxide (CO2) and dry ice in the United States, providing the purest quality CO2 and dry ice to a wide range of customers, including food restaurants, bars, facilities, and hospitals.

So what makes Mountain Air the best choice for businesses and institutions that require high-quality CO2 and dry ice supplies?

A dry ice supplier that suits your business needs

One of the key factors that sets Mountain Air apart from other CO2 and dry ice suppliers is the purity of our products. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure that our CO2 is of the highest quality, which allows us to make the best dry ice possible.

What is Dry Ice?

Carbon dioxide has many uses. It is used to eliminate caffeine from coffee beans to create decaffeinated coffee. It is used for carbonating beer, soft drinks, and others. It is also used for keeping food cool in restaurants and cafes. It keeps the drinks fizzy and extends the shelf life of different fruits and vegetables, and other perishable goods.

Dry ice is a commonly used product in restaurants, bars, cafes, and other related businesses, mainly to keep food frozen, but also to create a smoky cool-looking effect in some dishes and drinks. It is made by reducing the temperature of liquid CO2 to -78.5 celsius degrees, the point at which it turns into a translucent solid white block.

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What is dry ice used for?

Solid CO2 is used for cooling foodstuffs for processing, refrigerated transport and preservation of perishable food and pharmaceutical products, cryopreservation of biological material, as well as for the production of beverages, dishes and ice cream in the catering industry.

Besides, it is used in some industries for dry ice blasting by blasting pellets, an efficient process without surface abrasion and without producing residues.

Dry ice is also used for socketing metal parts.

Why choose a dry ice supplier with the highest quality?

We produce our high-quality CO2 so that we can manufacture high-quality dry ice products from scratch. That means that we are in total control of all the processes involved so we can guarantee a 100% pure product. Some of its advantages are its non-toxicity, it lacks smell and taste, and the fact it doesn’t melt as regular ice, instead it passes directly from solid to gas state.

This is important because impurities in CO2 and dry ice can lead to a variety of problems, such as equipment damage and product spoilage. This allows us to provide the purest CO2 and dry ice supplies to lots of businesses and institutions to avoid these issues and keep their operations running smoothly.

CO2 Refills for Vivreau Water Systems
CO2 Refills for Vivreau Water Systems

Purest Quality Dry Ice Supplier AND Exceptional Customer Service

In addition to offering dry ice delivery and high-quality CO2 products, Mountain Air also excels in customer service. The company offers 24/7 emergency delivery services to ensure that customers have the CO2 and dry ice they need when they need it. This is especially important for businesses and institutions that rely on CO2 and dry ice to keep their products fresh, as a lack of CO2 and dry ice can cause significant disruptions to their operations.

We have heard many different stories from customers who, for one reason or another, have run out of CO2 when it was most needed, causing considerable losses to their businesses. These stories are becoming more and more frequent in 2022 due to the CO2 shortages caused by contamination in the United States, which is affecting the southwest and the southeast areas.

Our fleet trucks, combined with our team of gas and customer service experts are working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we guarantee a 5-star experience in record times.

In conclusion, Mountain Air is a leading dry ice distributor in the United States offering nothing but the highest-quality products, outstanding customer service, commitment to safety and a variety of delivery options.

Our 10+ years of experience have taught us it can be hard to find a trustworthy and steady supply of carbon dioxide. We set one clear goal: to be the most trustworthy CO2 supplier in New York and San Francisco, providing peace of mind to those struggling with other suppliers.

This commitment to providing pure CO2 and dry ice makes us the best choice for businesses and institutions that require high-quality CO2 and dry ice for their operations. With 24/7 emergency delivery services, Mountain Air can help customers to keep their operations running smoothly, even in the most challenging circumstances. You can always count on Mountain Air.

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What regions does Mountain Air deliver dry ice to?

CO2 Refills for Vivreau Water Systems

Frequently Asked Questions:

Mountain Air has been in business for thirteen years. We have worked with several clients and are dedicated to outstanding customer satisfaction. We deliver our Dry Ice and CO2 supplies quickly, fresh, and efficiently.

Our CO2 gas satisfies all regulatory laws for dependability and quality. It is completely safe for both drinks and food.

Yes, we do. We work with numerous medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors. Contact us, and our experts will guide you through the process to successfully address your needs.

  • Carbon dioxide is added to greenhouses to support and speed up plant development.
  • Carbon dioxide is used in the food business as a propellant and acidity regulator. 
  • Flames can be extinguished by saturating the surrounding area with carbon dioxide.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide is used to decaffeinate coffee.
  • Refrigerants include both liquid and solid carbon dioxide, particularly in the food industry.
  • It can be used for improved oil recovery.
  • Carbon dioxide serves pharmaceutical and medicinal purposes.

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