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Buying high-quality CO2 gas shouldn’t be a headache, especially when you have an opportunity to choose a supplier that offers fully-certified 99.9% pure gas in hydrostatic-tested tanks. Dedicated to offering the highest-quality beverage grade CO2 gas with unparalleled customer service, Mountain Air takes immense pride in being the leading supplier of CO2 gas in New York City for all sizes and types of businesses.

Since our inception, we have proudly served CO2 gas to thousands of satisfied businesses in New York City—on time and with a smile!

From cafes to restaurants and bars, and corporate offices to sports centers and homebrewers of different sizes, our customer list is growing fast! Our valued customers want to stay with us year after year as we offer the ideal capacity that meets their wide range of customer needs. We are also very responsive and prioritize safety.

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CO2 – A Valuable Commodity for Restaurants and Other Industries:

Did you know 230 million tons of CO2 gas are used every year around the globe?

Some of the largest consumers include fertilizer industries, urea manufacturers, and commercial businesses, especially restaurants.

There are also some new pathways involved that transform CO2 into fuels, building materials, and several chemicals.

Most of these consumers face regulatory challenges and different complications that create hurdles in running their operations smoothly. If you belong to any of these industries or own a restaurant and are experiencing difficulties in getting the highest-quality gas for your operations, we are just one call away! We can help you troubleshoot the problems and help you improve the gas usage.

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Common Uses and Applications of Co2 Gas:

Since CO2 is produced naturally, it is 100% safe for all commercial and industrial uses. It is extremely effective in preserving different products and extending their shelf life. There are tons of industries that are enjoying the enormous benefits of CO2 gas, such as:

  • Plant nurseries
  • Food and beverages industry
  • Clubs and entertainment venues
  • Sports venue
  • Metal fabrication and welding industries
  • Water treatment solutions
  • Medical industry
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Foamed plastics
  • Paper and pulp manufacturers

Supply Options Offered by New York CO2 Gas Company

There are multiple supply options offered by the experts of the New York CO2 gas company, such as:

  • 550-lb. Dewars
  • 20 lb. and 50 lb. high-pressure cylinders
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Did You Know CO2 is Better Than Other Alternatives?

Yes, CO2 is the best alternative available today.

It is an odorless, non-inflammable natural gas that is produced by living beings on our planet. This makes it safe and effective for different applications, while other gases are not as useful as CO2. Not to mention, it is valuable for different consumables, such as carbonated beverages.

As your trusted CO2 supplier in New York, we provide a fresh supply of this gas every day so you can regulate the consistency of your products and services.

So, whether you are looking for a bulk supply or just want some small CO2 gas refills, we are your trusted providers in NYC who offer complete assurance that you will receive a high-quality product for every commercial or industrial use.

How is CO2 Used in the Food Industry and Restaurants?

CO2 is the most used product in the food and beverage industry. It helps eliminate the caffeine from coffee beans so the customers can enjoy decaffeinated coffee. It is also used for carbonating beer and soft drinks.

CO2 is an excellent product used for keeping food cool in restaurants and cafes. It keeps the drinks fizzy and extends the shelf life of different fruits and vegetables.

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What Makes Us an Ideal CO2 Distributor?

  • Specialist CO2 suppliers
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Expert advice and suggestions
  • Supplying New York City and other states in the region
  • Competitive Pricing 
  • Excellent customer support

Trusted Suppliers, Reputable Company, Versatile Solution!

Just like carbon dioxide is an essential component for all industries, it also serves as the backbone of multiple well-known beverages. Especially if you are running a business of sparkling wine, carbonated beverages, or serving soda, you can enjoy tons of amazing benefits offered by CO2 available in tanks and refills.

At Mountain Air, we only work with trusted distributors and businesses. We have an established reputation in the food and beverage industry since we offer the highest quality CO2 gas refills that keep the drinks fizzy. This makes us a versatile solution and a trusted supplier for all businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Due to its high-quality and timely supply of CO2, thousands of customers trust Mountain Air. We have a solid reputation in the industry, and people choose us repeatedly because of our prompt services, honest advice, and competitive pricing. This makes us an excellent choice for every business that needs a supply of CO2 to maintain smooth operations.

We offer unparalleled distribution that boosts your business growth and profits. Also, you can consider using us to buy a complete range of cryogenic liquids and solids that are used in cooling equipment.

Yes, of course. Whether you need CO2 in small amounts or bulk, you can always count on us for every need and purpose.

Yes. Our CO2 gas is certified pure and beverage grade gas that meets all the standards of quality and reliability. So don’t worry, it is 100% safe and effective for food and beverages.

Yes. We have a reliable network of distributors, and we take great pride in delivering CO2 gas in completely certified tanks.

Carbon dioxide is used by every industry today, including the food industry, chemical industry, manufacturing industry, and oil industry. CO2 gas has a lot of commercial uses. But mainly, it is used in the production of different carbonated beverages. It adds a sparkle to carbonated beverages, including beer, wine, and soda water.

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