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CO2 & Dry Ice Delivery

Mountain Air is your trusted CO2 provider in New York and San Francisco. We are ready to address your CO2 needs efficiently, regardless of your industry. Our growing list of happy customers includes restaurants, bars, stadiums, food and beverage processing plants and distributors, water processing plants, research facilities, farms, schools, and more.

Whether you have a small, medium, or large business we’ve got you covered. Mountain Air delivers CO2 high-pressure cylinders in 20 lb and 50 lb sizes and also offers bulk orders up to 550 lbs. We also deliver dry ice blocks, and dry ice pellets of 3 mm and 16 mm sizes.

If your business needs dry ice in another presentation or has special requirements for your food grade CO2, then we can help. Call us now and our experts will surely find the best solution for you!

If you are concerned about your current gas delivery provider’s reliability, or if your growth means you need more gas or ice storage and delivery solutions, consider Mountain Air your steady ally. Our fleet trucks, combined with our team of gas and customer service experts are working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we guarantee a 5-star experience in record times.

Never find yourself without co2 again.


CO2 Delivery for Restaurants and Bars

Mountain Air specializes in offering food & beverage-grade CO2 gas, perfect for businesses like restaurants, bars, cafés, arenas, breweries, and fast food chains. Other establishments that serve high volumes of beer, soft drinks, and other carbonated beverages can also experience significant cost savings and fewer headaches when they choose us for bulk gas refills.

Carbon dioxide has many uses. It is used to eliminate caffeine from coffee beans to create decaffeinated coffee. It is used for carbonating beer, soft drinks, and others. It is also used for keeping food cool in restaurants and cafes. It keeps the drinks fizzy and extends the shelf life of different fruits and vegetables, and other perishable goods.

Our product, distribution policies, and quality control procedures ensure that you receive 100% safe and effective gas for your food and beverages. So whether you need carbon dioxide in bulk or want it in small tanks, we are ready to take it to your front door.

With a steady supply of CO2, you can ensure that your customers will always be served to their hearts’ content. At Mountain Air, you’ll get the highest-quality beverage and food-grade CO2 gas with unparalleled customer service.

Dry Ice Delivery for Restaurants and Bars

Dry ice is a commonly used product in restaurants, bars, cafes, and other related businesses, mainly to keep food frozen, but also to create a smoky cool-looking effect in some dishes and drinks. It is made by reducing the temperature of liquid CO2 to -78.5 celsius degrees, the point at which it turns into a translucent solid white block.
Some of its advantages are its non-toxicity, it lacks smell and taste, and the fact it doesn’t melt as regular ice, instead it passes directly from solid to gas state.

Note that we produce our high-quality CO2 so that we can manufacture high-quality dry ice products from scratch. That means that we are in total control of all the processes involved so we can guarantee a 100% pure product.

Unique advantages of dry ice: 

  • It can be used to preserve perishable goods.
  • Dry ice has one of the highest refrigeration capacities.
  • It prevents bacteria. 
  • It doesn’t leave any water or residue when it melts.
  • It’s effortless to handle with proper care.
  • It’s odorless, tasteless, and natural.
  • It’s non-toxic and causes no harm even when in contact with foods.

Need CO2 ASAP? We’ve got your back with our emergency supply

Our 10+ years of experience have taught us it can be hard to find a trustworthy and steady supply of carbon dioxide. We have heard many different stories from customers whom, for one reason or another, have run out of CO2 when it was most needed, causing considerable losses to their businesses. These stories are becoming more and more frequent in 2022 due to the CO2 shortages caused by contamination in the United States, which is affecting the southwest and the southeast areas.

Under these circumstances we realized there is a need out there that we could help fulfill, so we set one clear goal: to be the most trustworthy CO2 supplier in New York and San Francisco, providing peace of mind to those struggling with other suppliers. You can always count on Mountain Air.

Other CO2 applications we cover

Inerting: Carbon dioxide offers the advantage that it does not react with other gasses at low temperatures. Replacing oxygen in ambient air with carbon dioxide avoids the risk of fire or the explosion of flammable materials. It is applied in the storage of food products and, on a larger scale, in metallurgical and chemical processes.

Dry ice: Solid CO2 is used for cooling foodstuffs for processing, refrigerated transport and preservation of perishable food and pharmaceutical products, cryopreservation of biological material, as well as for the production of beverages, dishes and ice cream in the catering industry. Besides, it is used in some industries for dry ice blasting by blasting pellets, an efficient process without surface abrasion and without producing residues. Dry ice is also used for socketing metal parts.

Extinguishing: Carbon dioxide is often used as an extinguishing gas because it allows oxygen to be removed from the air in the event of a fire, thus preventing it from spreading. 

Food and beverages: Carbon dioxide is essential for the production of carbonated beverages such as soft drinks, mineral waters, beer, and wine. The cooling capacity of CO2 is ideal for freezing and refrigerating food. Carbon dioxide is also used for modified atmosphere packaging and temperature control in food storage and transportation. 

Water treatment: Carbon dioxide is used to reduce and control pH in the treatment of alkaline wastewater. The advantage of CO2 application, compared to the use of other acids such as sulfuric or hydrochloric acid, is that it is a weak acid that avoids the risk of over-acidification. In addition, its storage and handling are safer, the corrosion of equipment is avoided, as well as increases in the salt content of water (due to chlorides or sulfates).

CO2 Refills for Vivreau Water Systems: Vivreau Water Systems offer an environmentally friendly solution, and we help resupply the water machines with the highest quality food-grade CO2. We ensure high-quality refill services are available when you need them, and we deliver CO2 refills before your tanks are empty.