Dry Ice Delivery in Northern New Jersey

Buy Dry Ice in Northern New Jersey from a Reputable and Experienced Supplier

Mountain Air, a leading dry ice supplier in Northern New Jersey, understands companies need dry ice solutions that are reliable, flexible, affordable, and always on time. In addition, any business that wants to continue making on-time deliveries, carry out scientific procedures, or cater to customers needs a competent dry ice supply.

After 13 years of addressing our clients’ dry ice needs, we have come to a solid understanding of businesses surrounding dry ice: restaurants, bars, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, research facilities, etc., thus enabling us to bear a distinguished service, so you can chill, literally.

For this reason, you can depend on the top dry ice supplier in Northern New Jersey to give you the dependability and value your company needs to prosper.

We deliver dry ice in insulated boxes or containers. Our services include a variety of formats, including pellets and slices. Call now and let Mountain Air fulfill your dry ice needs.

Dry Ice Delivery for Restaurants in Northern New Jersey

In addition to keeping food cold for longer, dry ice is frequently used in restaurants, bars, cafes, and other food-related establishments to provide different dishes and beverages with a smokey, chilly appearance. Some benefits of using dry ice include its non-toxicity, the absence of taste and smell, and the fact that it transforms quickly from a solid to a gaseous state rather than melting like conventional ice.

Here are a few reasons that make dry ice essential for every café, bar, and restaurant:

  • Keeps things cool
  • Coping with blackouts
  • Compensation for freezer breakdowns
  • Coverage for the needs of large events or orders
  • Low-cost option for small establishments
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Dry Ice Delivery for Restaurants Long Island

Dry Ice Delivery Solutions For Healthcare-related Businesses in Northern New Jersey

Most people know how dry ice is used to keep food refrigerated. It provides the special “fog effect” during events and concerts. Dry ice is useful in many other settings, especially in the medical field. Its uses include storage, cleaning, and transport.

  • Storage: Dry ice is used in the medical industry to preserve biological samples like vaccines, blood, or human organs. These are delicate materials and must maintain a low temperature for an extended time. Dry ice is the perfect solution for storing them safely.
  • Cleaning: Dry ice is useful for cleaning and sterilizing medical and industrial equipment. Caustic solvents are now known to harm both the environment and equipment. They are unsafe as well as illegal to use today. Dry ice is easier to use for cleaning. When sprayed on surfaces, dry ice immediately begins to decontaminate the area. It is less expensive, minimizes waste, protects the environment, and avoids the use of harmful chemicals. These are some reasons industries are starting to choose dry ice for cleaning.
  • Transport: Transporting sensitive items like biomedical samples, organs, blood, and other materials requires a stable, cool environment. If the temperature is not constant and maintained, these important items will not survive. Dry ice is a workable solution used by hospitals and laboratories to preserve organs, tissues, and biosamples. It has a temperature of roughly -80°C, which is colder than conventional ice. Additionally, dry ice doesn’t melt and maintains its temperature longer. Therefore, it is the ideal agent for use in shipments, especially if they will take several days to reach their destination.

Dry Ice Emergency Delivery in Northern New Jersey

The restaurant setting can have many surprises. For instance, you never know when a power surge or an electrical outage may occur. These types of things do not wait until it’s convenient. An emergency can occur even if your café, bar, or restaurant runs smoothly and the tables are packed with customers. If your freezer suddenly stops working, you need a fast solution to preserve the perishables it stores. You never know when an emergency may occur, so Mountain Air provides you with emergency 24/7 dry ice delivery services.

What makes Mountain Air different from other dry ice suppliers?

We are a fully integrated dry ice company with over 13 years of successful experience. We produce high-quality CO2 and manufacture our dry ice products from start to finish. That means we are in total control of our supply volume and the quality of the products we produce. When you partner with Mountain Air, you will get the following:

  • Consistent, high-quality supply
  • Dedicated service
  • Customized customer support
  • On-time product deliveries, every time
Dry Ice Delivery Northern New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Never handle dry ice with bare hands. Always wear safety goggles and gloves designed for use in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Always work in a well-ventilated room. Carbon dioxide can replace oxygen in closed spaces, creating an oxygen-deficient environment. This can present a dangerous situation. 
  • Do not put dry ice down a sink drain, toilet, or in the trash.
  • Dispose of dry ice in an open container in a well-ventilated room to sublimate.

Mountain Air is an excellent option for purchasing dry ice in northern New Jersey. We can ship directly to you. Our dry ice has been put through rigorous testing to ensure it is safe, reliable, and effective. We also pride ourselves on maintaining a high client satisfaction rating.

Dry ice has a lot of interesting uses, such as:

  • Accelerated plant growth
  • Shipping frozen food
  • Dry ice blasting and cleaning
  • Fog & special effects
  • Camping & Traveling
  • Medical transport
  • Storage of biological samples
  • Fishing & hunting
  • Freeze branding
  • Flash freezing

Mountain Air has worked hard to become a trusted company in New York, San Francisco, and New Jersey. We feature a wide range of gas products that benefit small and large businesses. Here are a few more reasons to choose Mountain Air for your dry ice needs in Northern New Jersey:

  • We feature a versatile portfolio of dry ice products.
  • Thousands of customers trust us.
  • Our focus is on guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • We make different forms of dry ice available, such as pellets and blocks.
  • We offer a variety of packaging sizes based on your needs.
  • Rigorous traceability is employed.

Dry Ice Emergency Delivery in Northern New Jersey

The thing about emergencies is that they are never planned. Your restaurant or cafe may be in the middle of a rush when suddenly, without warning, a power surge knocks out your freezer. What happens to all those perishables? Mountain Air has your back 24/7 with our emergency dry ice delivery services. Call now and get dry ice delivered today.